Does Your Dog Have a Life Jacket? Does He Wear It?
Here’s a Great Alternative Your Dog Will Love!

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The Hedz UP Pets WatercollarTM is a patented Personal Flotation Device (PFD) for dogs. It’s a comfortable collar that can save a dog from drowning if he should fall into a pool, out of a boat or off of a dock.

It is estimated that thousands of family pets die in drowning incidents each year, though real numbers are not known, because most incidents go unreported. This is a silent killer. Although most dogs can swim, they may not know how to find their way to safety. In a panic situation, they swim toward the place where they fell in and swim until they are exhausted and drown — usually in less than 20 minutes. Puppies, handicapped pets and older pets are especially vulnerable.

Our WatercollarTM holds the dog’s head and nose above water, even if he is completely unconscious. Strong straps attach the WatercollarTM to the pet’s own collar, which allow the collar to comfortably hang away from the dog’s neck, giving him freedom of movement and clear sight around water risks. The owner must be sure the dog’s own collar is correctly fitted and will not pull off over the head.

The big difference between a dog life jacket and the Hedz UP Pets WatercollarTM is that the life jacket holds the dog in a horizontal “swimming” position, requiring the dog to hold his own head up. This may not be possible in the worst case scenario. The WatercollarTM holds him in a nose-up position, keeping him alive until he is found. This product is your best alternative for dog drowning prevention.

Dog life jacket- Flotation Device for Dogs

Your dog will love that the WatercollarTM is more comfortable to wear than a life jacket for long periods of time — whether in his own backyard or in unfamiliar or high-risk environments. As a collar, not a jacket, it allows freedom of movement and does not add to his discomfort in hot weather. Many times, dogs develop “hot spots” from the heat and abrasion of wearing a dog life jacket or swim vest for hours. The WatercollarTM avoids all of those problems.

“PRICELESS” is what our customers call our WatercollarTM for the peace of mind it gives them. (For more go to Customer Stories.)

Don’t let your dog become another drowning statistic. Keep your pet safe and your mind at ease by purchasing your pet a WatercollarTM today. Buy Now