From Jo W., Kingwood, TX:

Our beautiful lovable Samari, a chow-chow, would have had a few more years had he not fallen in our pool one night, just before bedtime. On an August night several years ago, he was not responding to our calls to come inside, and it was passed bedtime. I went out to check the gates, which were closed, then decided to turn on the garden light to see if we could find him. Across the pool, where there is a step to a higher level, there he was in the water. In my gown, I swam to him, but he was gone. We cried for an hour and felt as though we had lost a child. He cannot be replaced. Samari had fallen in several times before that night, but someone had always been there to help him out. He was old and had arthritis, and that step was just too much for him. If only we had had a Watercollar, we would have had him for many more years.


From Vivian C., Kingwood, TX:

My husband and I were devastated when we lost our precious Lhasa, Jenny, in a swimming pool accident a few years ago. We had spent years loving and protecting her, and, in just a matter of minutes, she was gone. We were visiting our son when this tragedy occurred. After spending the morning by the pool, we went inside to serve our plates for lunch. When we returned to the patio, my husband spotted Jenny on the bottom of the pool. He dropped his plated and dove into the pool, but it was too late for Jenny. How wonderful it would have been to have had a HedzUPpets Watercollar back then! Our Jenny’s life would have been spared, and our joy would have continued for many more years.

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