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This Collar Will Save Your Dog’s Life

unnamedBoth a swim aid and a life preserver, the Watercollar will keep your dog’s nose and ears above water in any situation – exhaustion, even if he’s unconscious! The WatercollarTM attaches to your dog’s own collar with strong straps, which allow the WatercollarTM to hang loosely away from his neck for long-wearing comfort, ease of movement and clear sight around water risks. 

The patented Hedz UP Pets WatercollarTM is a personal flotation device (PFD) for dogs, a hexagonal-shaped neck water collar, made of non-absorbent, closed-cell foam with fabric covering and polypropylene strapping.  These straps attach the WatercollarTM   to the pet’s own collar, then close with a D-ring and/or Velcro strap. The owner must be sure the dog’s own collar is correctly fitted and will not pull off over the head. When the dog is swimming, or if he falls into the water, the WatercollarTM stays under the chin, holding the dog’s head in a position of safety, keeping the dog’s ears and nose above the water. The WatercollarTM is engineered using the same standards as human flotation requirements established by the United States Coast Guard.

“Why Do I Need a Watercollar?  My Dog Can Swim.”

life-dog-collarsFor most dogs, swimming is a natural instinct, but don’t assume your dog can save his own life if he can’t find his way out of the water. Exhaustion is the number one reason most dogs drown and your dog can become exhausted in less than 20 minutes.

If your dog is a water sport/adventure dog who often finds himself in unfamiliar water situations, protect him from drowning in an unforeseen frightening situation. If you are a boater, everyone else must have a life preserver. Get one for your dog, too.

Keep a close eye on AGING and HANDICAPPED pets, as they are most vulnerable. Be sure they wear their WatercollarTM when they may be in harm’s way.


It is extremely important to our company that the Hedz UP Pets WatercollarTM  flotation devices are made in the United States of America. Our objective is to undergird our country’s economy by not selling out for cheap labor and cheap products made in other countries. We proudly provide an All-American WatercollarTM you can TRUST to save your pets.

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