Physically Challenged Pets

We love talking about saving animals’ lives, and, yes, people are listening! But what’s REALLY fantastic is what this HedzUPpets Watercollar has done for pets who are physically challenged ~~ pets who have lost limbs, who are old, have arthritis, are blind or have other challenges. The
probability of saving these little ones from drowning can be dramatically improved with the use of the HedzUPpets Watercollar.

The most exciting water trial we had was the one in which we had two dogs ~~ Trevor, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who has only three legs ~~ his right front leg was damaged and removed at birth ~~ and Zoe, a West Highland Terrier, who is not handicapped. Zoe is 6 years old and had never been swimming before, but, because most dogs naturally know how to swim, she swam beautifully ~~ that is, until she began to fatigue. We kept her swimming through her panic, until she was totally dependent on the watercollar to keep her head up. That took only about four minutes! The collar worked beautifully and held her head up completely!
Now, Trevor was another story! We figured that, if this collar would save that little guy, we could consider it TESTED!!! His owner told me that Trevor had never been able to swim AT ALL. She said that, paddling with his one front leg, all he did was “spin around like a torpedo and shoot to the bottom of the pool.” We put the Watercollar on him, put him in the pool, and watched, anxiously, as he began to swim. His head never went under water!!! We were all so excited!! But the astounding thing was this: After he swam around the pool for about 15 minutes, and we were sure he wasn’t going to go under, I asked if we could put him in, again, without the collar and let me see what would happen. His owner was very willing, and put him in. We could not believe our eyes when he actually started SWIMMING!! His owner was never so shocked! Trevor had never had more than a few moments on top of the water to LEARN how to swim, and his paddling around our pool in te Watercollar taught him that he could do it! That proves that, not only will the collar hold up an animal that is handicapped in some way, or one that is completely exhausted, but it also is a great training tool!

Auggie Doggie lost her sight at age 5. Auggie and her owner are confident, strong-willed, life-loving souls, so neither of them let Augie’s loss become a handicap. She came home from the hospital and simply continued her life. Because Auggie is a very smart dog, her owner was optimistic that she would adapt to her new situation. Navigating by memory, Auggie went from moving around in the house easily to going outside in her yard on her own. Now, they go for walks around the neighborhood ~~ sometimes even off leash! She ends her days going upstairs to sleep near her owner, then bounds happily downstairs the next morning to begin her day! Now at 9 years-old, she’s living her life to the fullest.

Auggie recently stumbled down the stairs and injured one
of her front legs, requiring a trip to the vet and a new cast.
Even with her blindness, the cast didn’t stop Auggie Doggie. Pushing the boundaries of patience for most dogs, she learned to walk on three legs and just kept going. Although somewhat annoyed by the awkward cast on her leg, she was determined to continue her life as normal.

With a dog this determined, her owner appreciated the comfort that Auggie’s HedzUPpets Watercollar provided her. When Auggie Doggie’s leg healed, they were able to go on hikes near her favorite lake and if she miss-stepped into the water, the Watercollar would help keep her nose above water. The calming aspect this collar provides allows her to stay calm and focus more easily on her owner’s commands to guide her to safety




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