Katie’s Story

Katie’s Story teach her where the steps were, but she was too frightened to listen to us and would continue trying to swim to safety. She was swimming back to the spot where she had fallen in, and to what she thought was safety, but, of course, she was unable to climb out. With the water almost up to her ears, and her nose pointing upward, and becoming more terrified and exhausted by the moment, she was powerless to listen to us or to turn her head in our direction as we tried to coax her to the pool steps and safety.Katie_Standing_450x600


Then there was the time she fell in, alone in the backyard. I just HAPPENED to catch a glimpse of her from our living room window as she splashed into the water, and I decided right then that I HAD to do something to keep her from drowning. I fashioned a very crude collar to keep her afloat, and it gave her the confidence she needed to swim without panic and to listen to us while we taught her how find the steps and get out of the pool on her own. She loved the pool and became very comfortable around the water. She knew exactly where the steps were and she would simply swim over to them and get out of the pool. The HedzUPpets™  Watercollar is not only designed to be used as a safety collar, but also as a truly a great teaching tool. Katie got old and blind, and had to be put to sleep in January, 2009, but the Watercollar saved her little life many times.
Lynne Peters, Founder



We take our dog, Jessica, boating with us on our Tiara in the Florida Keys. She loves her HedzUpPets™  Watercollar. It gives her the comfort level she needed and she even jumps in the water from the diving platform to join us for a swim.  Before we bought the Watercollar, we were always concerned about her on the boat.  Even though she was always wearing her life jacket, we knew that it would not hold her head up if she really was in trouble.  We are more comfortable with her wearing the Watercollar, as we know that this collar will help her keep her head up in an emergency.  It also gives her great mobility to exercise in the water on extended cruises. Bonnie R. Gables, Florida



We Almost Lost Her

Our 7 year old Labradoodle, Zoe, is like a child to us. We are new to boating and marina life, and, of course, Zoe is always with us. We did not fully realize the dangers until one night Zoe (who, at the time, did not think she could swim!) fell between the dock and a houseboat. This space is no more than 14 inches wide, so you can image how critical it was. She went under water and luckily did not go under the boat (in which case she probably would have been a goner!). With a quick response by my husband, and the help of a couple of men trying to push the boat further away from the dock, she was pulled out. I had nightmares about this for weeks! After that weekend, I surfed the web for a safety solution, other than a full life vest which is not comfortable and very hot for her.DSC05427

Your Watercollar has been worth a million dollars to us! Zoe wears it comfortably ALL THE TIME when we’re at the marina and on the boat, and it paid off last weekend. She, again, fell between the dock and our pontoon boat and she and I were by ourselves. She was flopping around like she was drowning, but her head stayed well above water and I was able to pull up this 60 pound wet dog by myself!

Funny, some people think it is a fashion statement and one person thought it was to keep her cool, which it actually does. On very hot days I soak it in cold water from melted ice in our cooler before I put it on her and it definitely makes her feel more comfortable. The Watercollar has actually allowed me to give her swimming lessons and she feels much more secure and confident when in the water. You can see from her picture, above, how comfortable she is and how much she loves the water!
Susan K. Tennessee

Another Owner Who Almost Lost Her Dog

toby_pool_005I received an order from a dog owner in Florida, asking me to send her a collar as soon as possible. Her twelve year old dog, Toby, had fallen into the pool and they had almost lost him. She told me they were making him wear a doggie lifejacket, and he wasn’t happy! We shipped out her watercollar that very day, and she was so relieved to get it. One more happy customer!

Part Two of the story ~~ About a month later: Debbie writes: Toby apparently has not learned his lesson ~~ Still walks on the edge of the pool, and he fell in again last weekend. Now, the collar goes on first thing in the morning until it’s time for bed! He does not seem to mind it at all. To answer your question, of course you can use my story… Thanks to your Watercollar, it is a happy one!

Debbie S. Florida