Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I launder the collar?

A. Our collars are made of 100% cotton fabric. They are completely machine washable in cold water. We recommend air drying in a shady spot to keep fading to a minimum. For best results, be sure to attach the straps of the WatercollarTM together before washing. To lengthen the life of your Watercollar™, after the dog has been in the pool, it is advised that you rinse the collar to remove the chlorine or salt, then let it air dry.

Q. How can you get him to wear it?

A. During the Reliant Center World Series Dog Show in Houston, we had many people who were concerned that their dog would not be comfortable wearing the Watercollar™. We suggested they go home and bring their dogs back to try it on them. Not a single dog was bothered by the WatercollarTM.

Here’s our advice: When putting it on for the first time (after threading his own collar through the loops of the WatercollarTM) approach him from behind, reaching around his head to fasten it under his chin.

Q. Can it be used to help him overcome fear of water?

A. The Hedz Up Pets Watercollar™ was designed as a teaching tool, as well as drown prevention. The buoyancy of the collar helps your pet keep his head above water, giving him the confidence he needs to become less afraid -- even comfortable in the water. As his fear of drowning dissipates, he will be able to listen to your commands and enjoy swimming.

Q. How long can it be worn?

A. Your dog can wear the Watercollar™ all day every day. The delightful thing about this WatercollarTM is that your dog's safety is not dependent on the tightness of the Watercollar™. The Watercollar™ is an extension of his own collar. His collar is simply threaded through the loops and the Watercollar™ hangs somewhat loosely around his neck. The collar is very light-weight, soft, and non-restrictive to the dog’s movements. We do not know of a dog that is bothered by the WatercollarTM

Q. Is it easy to put on?

A. Yes. It just takes a jiffy to snap the collar in place. Simply thread your dog's own collar through the loops of the Watercollar™. Buckle his own collar, making absolutely SURE it cannot slip over his head. Join the hook & loop straps together and he's ready to go. You can also watch our video on how to put on the Watercollar™.

Q. Will it slip off over his head?

A. This collar attaches to the dog's own collar. As long as the dog's own collar is snug enough to not slip off his head AND IT IS SECURELY FASTENED, the Watercollar™ will not slip off over his head. The Watercollar™ will keep his nose above the surface of the water -- even if he is completely exhausted or unconscious.

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