Katie’s Story

Katie’s Story teach her where the steps were, but she was too frightened to listen to us and would continue trying to swim to safety. She was swimming back to the spot where she had fallen in, and to what she thought was safety, but, of course, she was unable to climb out. With the water almost up to her ears, and her nose pointing upward, and becoming more terrified and exhausted by the moment, she was powerless to listen to us or to turn her head in our direction as we tried to coax her to the pool steps and safety.Katie_Standing_450x600


Then there was the time she fell in, alone in the backyard. I just HAPPENED to catch a glimpse of her from our living room window as she splashed into the water, and I decided right then that I HAD to do something to keep her from drowning. I fashioned a very crude collar to keep her afloat, and it gave her the confidence she needed to swim without panic and to listen to us while we taught her how find the steps and get out of the pool on her own. She loved the pool and became very comfortable around the water. She knew exactly where the steps were and she would simply swim over to them and get out of the pool. The HedzUPpets™  Watercollar is not only designed to be used as a safety collar, but also as a truly a great teaching tool. Katie got old and blind, and had to be put to sleep in January, 2009, but the Watercollar saved her little life many times.
Lynne Peters, Founder