Customer Stories

Donna U., Illinois
(Blind Border collie mix)

The new Watercollar fits and works great! I love the color too. It’s a keeper. Thank you for all the extra effort. The Watercollar is much better than the life jacket for teaching her to swim. She can’t just float – it makes her work at it! She also keeps her head at a better angle, just above the water. Thanks, again, so much!!



Janet L., British Columbia, CANADA
(Four Border Collies – all have occasional seizures)

hedzup-pets-water-collarsI am interested in your collar. My dog Keegan almost drowned recently because he had a seizure in the water. He had stopped breathing and his head was fully submersed in the water. I swam after him, gave him mouth to mouth and then he ended up with aspiration pneumonia. He is mostly recovered now.

When he is about to have a seizure he seems to run towards the water. I live on acreage with water everywhere – creeks, and deep ponds. I have lifejackets for all my dogs, but after seeing what happened, I realize the life jacket would not keep Keegan’s head afloat, nor my other 3 dogs who also have occasional seizures. When I rescued him the first time, his head was fully submerged in the water.

All 4 of my dogs wore their Watercollars — pretty much every day — all summer long. It was quite a rigorous test for the collars, and they are still working beautifully. It’s amazing Keegan is alive today because of his seizure and near drowning scare we had before we found the Watercollars!



Teresa P. from Oregon 
(Ruby Sue – Black Labrador Retriever)

The “barrel-roll” is exactly what our Ruby did wearing a life jacket. She just went limp in the water, then rolled. I was in the water with her to intervene but it was not what we expected.

Our first attempt with the Watercollar, she took off swimming, unencumbered.

Dr. Ilana, DVM, California
(Canine Aquatic Center)

I have tried them out on my dog and my Vet Assistant’s dog- and we LOVE THEM! And so do the dogs!

My dog, Pinky, especially hated getting water in her ears with just a life vest on- and she hated the ear protection snood that we were using before. The Watercollar is PERFECT for her- I can’t wait to introduce it to more of our patients!

Sylvia V., Texas
(Roxy – Doberman)
Silvia Valez's Roxy

With the Watercollar, I can say Roxy definitely gained confidence by going deeper into the water. Most times she would sink! lol…This collar really helps keep her head above water, and she’s not struggling to keep her upper body up. I love it!




Jennifer B. and her service dog, Ike, from California
(Winner of contest in Dogster magazine)
Jennifer Blanchard's IKE

My dog, Ike, WON your Hedz UP Pets Watercollar from a contest in Dogster magazine! Ike is my service dog, so I am extra protective over him and the activities he is allowed to do. We bought a new home not too long ago, because, being handicapped, I needed a one-story home. The home not only came with a pool but a one-acre pond as well. Ike, loves all things water related! I can’t chase after him, and when I let him loose into the fenced back yard, he goes straight for the pond every time. With the Hedz UP Pets Watercollar, I feel much more at ease letting him out to play, knowing he is protected against drowning.

Thank you for making a product that protects my service dog in the water. Thank you for the peace of mind it gives me.




Annie E., California
(Winner of Contest in Dogster Magazine)

Ann Eastap'sHere’s (a picture or some pictures) of Missy Mae thoroughly enjoying the benefits of her Watercollar. She used to cough and splutter when she swam, finding it difficult to always keep her muzzle above water. But look at her now that she has the Watercollar on! We all had a great time. Thank you!!!






Jane B., Florida
(French Bulldog)

Jane Bromley's Chloe 2nd collar


We will try Chloe out in our pool in N.J. I am using it as a training device, to make sure that if she falls in the pool, she knows how to get out at the steps. Also as a safety device when we take her out on the boat. You can tell by her expression how much more comfortable she is in her new water collar!






Elizabeth H,
Cornwall, UK
(Lacie is her Service Dog)

Lacie and I go kayaking together in a sit-on-top kayak, with Lacie dressed in her Watercollar and her dog life jacket. A few days ago we were out and it was windy and a bit choppy, but we were doing ok, then along came a motorboat going a little too fast and creating a wake. Lace backed up as the water came over the sides onto where she had been sitting, and as she backed up the wake hit a bit more and I wasn’t able to stop the kayak capsizing.

At first Lacie frantically tried to climb up on me or the upturned kayak, then when this wasn’t working she started to swim for shore – we weren’t far from the shore. Lacie was on a lead that went around my waist so she couldn’t go too far without me!

If Lacie had not been wearing the Watercollar and had just had the dog life jacket on she would have swallowed or inhaled a lot of salt water in her panicked state and would either be dead or a very sick dog. So not only has the Watercoller saved Lacie’s life, it has saved me a large vet bill and a lot of worry.

I was watching Lacie in the water frantically swimming around and it was so reassuring to see her mouth and nose never went near or in the water. It was one less thing for me to worry about at that time.

Thanks again for a great product, that works!!!!!!!

Susie Y. – (Suzie is hearing impaired):
Fort Wayne, IN

Susie Yarnelle's SophieThe picture is Lucy Lou a 2 yr old papichon. Lucy travels everywhere throughout the USA with me and is quite the fearless swimmer so when I’m boating and swimming she is safe and comfortable with her WATERCOLAR. She tires less because her head stays above the water and can exercise longer — doing her laps alongside me.




Kate S., Houston
(Henry, a little Chihuahua who was dropped as a puppy)

Kate Smargiasso's HenryMy Henry is right around 9 lbs. We rescued him when he was just a pup. We think he was dropped when he was a baby. It damaged his brain stem (per the MRI we had done) so he’s can’t use his legs very well on land. But he swims like a fish. So, we do water therapy with him in our pool for exercise. And I really want him to have a backup safety collar. He swims great – but want to be 100% safe. He’s the love of my life. We are so happy to have a life preserver we can really trust.