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Vacationing Havanese Beauties Learning to Swim

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Tessa and Ella (with the white face)

 These beautiful little Havanese Darlings were on vacation in Florida and needed a little help in learning to swim. Their “mom” said that their life jackets were not working for them, so she found Hedz UP Pets online, and here’s her story.

The watercollars worked great.  We put the little Swimways dog float up to the edge of the pool and they would jump into it.  We then put it in the middle of the pool and encouraged them to jump out of the float and swim to the stairs.  They loved it.  They did not mind either putting the watercollar on or taking it off.  Your device works so much better than the life jackets which were unstable. The life jackets would almost turn them over. 

Susan A., Libertyville, IL, vacationing in Key West, FL





Watercollar is Helping Angie Swim Again, Having Epilepsy for 8 years!

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Precious words from Angie’s owner:

Attached are a few snaps of our 15 year old golden retriever Angie enjoying her new water collar.

 As she has suffered from epilepsy for over 8 years and can now hardly walk –  the water exercise is great for her.  She loves swimming but was having trouble holding her head above water as she got older.  This water collar has reinvigorated her.

 Thank you

 Robyn B. from Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Time to Start Thinking About Keeping Your Dog Safe from Drowning!!

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Warmer Weather and Summer MAY be around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to think about summer safety for our waggly-tailed fur babies.

We all know that in the heat of the summer it’s so important to provide your dogs access to shade if they are outside, and to ALWAYS provide fresh water, whether they are inside or outside. Dogs can overheat quickly in the summer heat, so keep an eye on them. Don’t over exercise them. Keep them as cool and comfortable as you would keep yourself. And NEVER leave your furry friends in a hot car. Temps can soar up to over 100 degrees in a car in just minutes. Or walk them across scorching hot pavement.

Little Blind Dog Gets Second Chance at Swimming

Many people don’t realize this, but a backyard POOL can be one of the most dangerous summer hazards. Thousands of dogs drown every year in home swimming pools. We at Hedz UP Pets have heard too many heartbreaking stories of dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds drowning in pools. Consider changing those statistics and Buy a Watercollar for your precious pet. Just like human swimmers, if they can’t find a way out of water, exhaustion can claim their life. Dogs can drown in less than 20 minutes.


For you BOATERS out there, the only worry you have if Fido goes in the drink is dealing with a wet stinky beast when you get him back onboard! (Quoted from SAIL Magazine, Nov. 2014, p. 32)

Have a great Spring and Summer, and keep your canine friends safe from drowning!

The Hedz UP Pets Watercollar is Instrumental in Helping Dogs with Paralysis

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We at Hedz UP Pets are learning more and more about dogs with paralyzed limbs, as well as many other medical problems that render them unable to exercise any other way except swimming. With the number of hydrotherapy centers across the country, the Hedz UP Pets Watercollar is becoming their “go to” product to help keep their little (and big!) patients’ noses above water! When the dogs are less focused on trying not to drown, their energies can be used to move from one place to the other.


“Coco is paralyzed in her two back legs.  She loves her swim time and the Watercollar flotation keeps her nose above the water line!!!! Coco always wears a life vest but her head would occasionally go under, getting water in her ears. We would always have to guide her by the handle on the life vest to help keep her head up and ears as dry as we could keep them.  With your neck flotation device she can swim around, unassisted, chasing her toy and her head stays up and ears stay much drier.  She is a happy girl, despite the paralysis. We are hoping this may improve when inflammation decreases in her spine. She didn’t mind wearing it at all!”

Donna S., K-9 Aquatics, California


New Little Customer from Atlanta — All Ready for his Boat Ride!!

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Here is a photo of our Owen in his new collar, ready for a boat ride on this beautiful Sunday in Atlanta.  With less than strong swimming skills, he needs a little help in the water, as well as security for any mishap on the boat.  Last year, he had a vest-type jacket, which proved bulky, heavy, and too hot.  This collar is wonderful.  Now we are set for a great, safe summer.  Thank you so much.

 Sandra, Randy, and Owen J., Alpharetta, GA

Another Friend from England Came Close to Losing her Dog at a Country Park

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Here’s her story:

The reason I would like to buy a Watercoller for my dog, Lacie, is because she nearly drowned last week. We were in a country park and she chased off after some ducks that landed in their pond, followed by Lacie! However this pond had an 8″ high stone wall around it, level from the grass side but 8″ up from the waterline and Lacie could not climb out. I use a wheelchair for mobility and hearing her struggle I raced over the grass to the pond and managed to get out of my wheelchair and lay down on the grass to haul her out by her harness. When I got to her she was going under and coming up briefly and going under again, repeatedly. I feel I just managed to get to her in time. I was quite shaken up, Lacie was very pleased to see me and didn’t seem to fully grasp the danger she had been in.

I searched the Internet and found your Watercollar! It is just what I am looking for to keep Lacie safe around/in water. Something that will keep her from drowning and that she will be able to wear and run around in and not get too hot.

Elizabeth's Lacie in Cornwall, England
Elizabeth and her dog, Lacie, from Cornwall, U.K.                                                                                                              

Dogs and boating.

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Dogs and boating.  If you take your dog out on your boat, jet ski, kayak or canoe, please use a dog life preserver or swim vest jacket.  Boating Rules require everyone on the boat to have a PFD or life jacket.  Don’t forget about your dog!  The Hedz UP Pets Watercollar TM or water collar is the answer for you.  In an overboard situation, either out on the lake or at the Marina, he needs something to hold his head and nose up and keep him alive while you try to get to him.  Life jackets and swim vests cannot claim to saves your dog’s life.  The Hedz UP Pets Watercollar can!   Buy Now


boating safety for your dog
boating safety for your dog


Summer Safety by the Pool!

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Summer is almost here and it’s the perfect time to think about summer safety for our waggly-tailed babies.


We all know how important it is to be sure our doggies have some shade nearby if they are outside in the heat of the summer, and to ALWAYS provide fresh water for them, whether they are inside or outside. Dogs can overheat quickly in the summer heat, so keep an eye on them. Keep them as cool and comfortable as you would keep yourself, and don’t over exercise them. And NEVER EVER leave your pet in a hot car. Even in a car parked in the shade, the temperature inside that car can soar to over 100 degrees in just minutes. With grave consequences….

One of the biggest summer hazards — that many people don’t think of as a hazard — is a swimming pool. Also, are you taking your dog on vacation with you to a water destination? Or, do you have friends or neighbors that you visit who have pools? If your dog isn’t familiar with a pool, you need to constantly be aware of his whereabouts. Thousands of dogs drown every year in backyard swimming pools. Here at Hedz UP Pets, we have heard too many heartbreaking stories of dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds drowning in pools. But, of course, this CAN be prevented with one of our Hedz UP Pets WatercollarTM flotation devices. The WatercollarTM is lightweight and stylish, unlike bulky and hot life jackets. Dogs quickly tire from dog paddling and trying to keep from swallowing water, which can result in drowning. The Hedz UP Pets WatercollarTM helps to keep your dog’s head above water and PREVENT drowning. It can also be used as a training tool while teaching dogs how to swim!!

So, let’s have a great summer and do everything we can to keep our canine friends as safe as possible!

Wow, so much exciting news!!

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As you can see, our website has been totally revamped and is now compatible with mobile devices, laptops, desktops and tablets, so come visit us from anywhere!! Our fun fabric choices go with every occasion, because a safe dog is always in style! And, now is the perfect time to gear up for those summer BBQs by the pool or lake.

image0-001Our biggest news this week is that we had a booth at the South West International Boat Show in Galveston, Texas, last weekend, and our WatercollarTM was all the buzz! Reporter T.J. Aulds of The Daily News of Galveston wrote an article about the boat show and included a huge story about our company and the who, what, where, how and why of the WatercollarTM! (See the article, below.) With our two beautiful models, Spencer and Wyatt (a Welsh Terrier and a German Shepherd), it’s NO WONDER our booth was such a hit!!


Of course, boaters and sailors know how important it is to keep their furry seafaring friends safe on watercraft, so it was quite exciting to find a life jacket alternative that will actually save a dog’s life in a crisis. We have more exciting things to come, so STAY TUNED.

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