Here’s our most recent Canadian customer who found us through the Marilyn Denis Show!

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Hi there Lynne,

 Yes we received the Watercollar last Wed., September 7th. It came just in time since we took Starr on her first road trip to Northern Ontario this past weekend.  She didn’t seem to mind at all when we put the collar on her.

I’ve attached a picture with her wearing the Watercollar.  We were lucky to have a beautiful day for her to try it out.

Starr is a rescue from the Dominican Republic. She was found with her 4 brothers in a sewer when they were 3 weeks old. She and her brothers were brought to Canada through a rescue organization called Donna’s Canine Kitchen when they were 3 months old. She is now 8 months old. We are told she is a Sheltie/Terrier mix. She’s a wonderful, happy, and smart dog.

I found out about Hedz UP Pets from the Marilyn Denis show.  Candice Batista, a producer on the show, featured a bunch of different outdoor toys, etc. for dogs.

Thank you for your help and for this wonderful product.

Take care,

Lynne O., Ontario, CA 



Gunnar, with a Seizure Disorder, is Alive Because of the Watercollar!

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We love getting Mail from our customers! Here’s a beautiful story about Gunnar. 
Hi Lynne:

Steven is our grandson and Gunnar (a Golden Retriever) is his dog. They both live with us and our three dogs (a Standard Poodle and 2 Shih Tzus).

Fortunately Gunnar is still alive today because of your Watercollar. Prior to purchasing the Watercollar, I had to rescue Gunnar from drowning in our pool when he had seizures while swimming. One of our Shih Tzus (Mr. Ross) always alerted me to the situation by incessantly barking until I would come to the rescue. Realizing there were times when we were not at home we searched for a way to keep Gunnar alive in our absence … your Watercollar was the solution.

Unfortunately Gunnar is not the “poster dog” one would want in photos or videos. His coat is quite damaged from the combination of medicines he has been taking to deal with his seizures and Valley Fever (an airborne fungal infection unique to the Phoenix area). Nevertheless, he is a very happy boy and proudly dons his Watercollar every morning.

Thank you for providing the Watercollar that saves his life and keeps him sporting his “Golden” smile in spite of his infirmities.
Thanks for sending his new Watercollar as we have obviously used the first one for several years now ~ it was time for a replacement and it was worth every dime !

Jay and Carol, New Orleans, LA

The Watercollar Wins Coveted Animal Wellness Magazine Award

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We are absolutely thrilled that the Hedz UP Pets Watercollar has received the Animal Wellness Magazine’s Official Seal of Approval! Our Watercollar is used for many doggie “customers” with medical conditions such as tri-pods (the loss of one leg ~ even a FRONT leg), Laryngeal Paralysis, Ear Hematoma and Megasophagus, as well as aging conditions such as arthritis and weak hindquarters. The Watercollar gives these pups the ability to swim, with and extra bit of “help” to keep their chins up.


An Answer for Seizure-prone dogs

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Janet Laidlaw's Pack!
Janet Laidlaw’s Pack!

For epileptic dogs I still feel the Hedz Up is the best defense against potential drowning that I have seen. I know from experience that, before you sent us the collars, Keegan’s head went underwater when he lost consciousness from having a seizure. His body was floating but his head was flopped down. There are no guaranteed solutions for epileptic dogs near water, but I think in most cases the Hedz Up would give a person time to get to their dog in an emergency. Keegan had gone unconscious in less than 2 minutes, so any extra time can be the difference between life and death.

Janet L., British Columbia, Canada

Here’s a Big Spirit in a Tiny Body! Pip from Thailand!

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          Little Pip

Pip is a tiny Chihuahua who lives in Thailand and was found to have hip dysplasia in early 2017. Their veterinarian recommended they swim him for therapy. That was a year ago, and here’s what his mom said to us recently: 

Pip is doing really well.  We have been using the Hedzup collar for the best part of a year for his therapy swimming. The good news is that he had surgery for luxated patella surgery on both of his hind legs 5 weeks ago and he should now be pain free.  We will continue with the swimming as post surgery therapy. The Hedzup has been a great help. Pip wasn’t a confident swimmer in the beginning and he hated getting his head wet!  The Hedzup collar solved both these problems. 

Karen W., Thailand



Thor, LOVING His New Watercollar!

No Comments Melissa Mastroni's Thor

          THOR from Connecticut!!

Thor, loving his hedzup swim collar during his weekly aqua therapy session. He’s 13 1/2 yrs old, who does swimming to help his hind end. He has Lar Par too, so the swim collar has been perfect in helping keep his head and chin up out of the water. He also took to his swim collar like a fish takes to water. Thank you so much! – One very appreciative senior dog mum! Melissa M., CN


Boris the Bulldog SWIMS!!

No Comments Kim Mitchell's Boris swimming

Boris the “New” Swimming Bulldog from Australia!

We bought this amazing collar from quite a few months ago.  We took him to the Mini’s Bulldog Rescue fundraising event, organised by the Gold Coast Bulldogs Facebook Group.  We knew there would be other Bulldogs swimming, so we took Boris so he could see how it was done.

Boris did quite well.  After a couple of paddles in the deeper water he was turning around and heading for the shallows, but he was not at all afraid that his feet weren’t touching the sand, as he had been in the past. He was totally at ease. Hopefully we’ve persuaded other bulldog owners to buy one.

Thank you to Lisa for selling us a great product, and always advertising it on her own Bulldog Ronnie.  We are 100% happy, and are super proud of our new “swimming” Bulldog.

Kim Mitchell, Australia

Another Happy Customer in Florida!!

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Karen & Derek C's Daisy


Daisy is our 10 month old Shih Tzu rescue puppy who came to live with us in May after Tigger passed away.  We wanted her to begin swimming because it has been so good for Matti.  Daisy is why I went looking for something to keep her head up in the water.  Traditional life jackets for dogs didn’t work for her because she didn’t seem to be able to hold up her head in the water with them on. The Hedz Up is the perfect solution for her.  Now she swims where she wants to in the pool and really enjoys it!  

Karen C. of Vince, FL

Water Intoxication or Out-of-Water-Drowning. Do YOU know the symptoms?

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Even if you have never heard of this dreaded and heartbreaking condition, it is a fact and does happen both to children and to dogs.

“It is summer and time for your dog to dive into your swimming pool or a sparkling lake, or playfully bite at the water jetting from your lawn sprinklers or garden hose but are you aware of water intoxication? Water intoxication is when the body takes in more water than it can handle and, though rare, is frequently lethal. This excess amount of water causes a condition call hypernatremia which happens when sodium levels outside the cells are depleted. The body responds to this low blood sodium by rebalancing itself; increasing fluid intake inside the cells. Some of the body’s organs can accommodate the swelling cells but the brain, being encased in bone, cannot. Symptoms of water intoxication are lethargy, bloating, vomiting, stumbling, falling, staggering, restlessness, increased salivation, pale gums, dilated pupils, and glazed eyes and as the pressure in the brain increases, cells begin to die, leading to difficulty breathing, seizures and loss of consciousness. Water intoxication is more common than we realize and many veterinarians misdiagnose it because they do not know that it exists. First guesses at veterinary emergency clinics may include head trauma, hypothermia, and overexertion. There isn’t much in published literature on the condition, noting one of the only scholarly works was published in 1925. Even internal-medicine specialists seem confused at how a water-logged canine body can turn on itself. Water intoxication can happen to any dog who takes in too much water, too fast but the condition advances more quickly in small dogs as well as high-drive dogs such as Jack Russell Terriers and Papillion’s. Dogs who are members of the agility community are more prone to water intoxication due to low body fat levels; not much extra tissue to absorb the extra fluid. It can happen to any breed of dog but it is the driven dog usually, the one who jumps into the lake for a toy or the obsessive-compulsive dog who continuously bites water, who suffers most. Dogs bred for water retrieving like Labrador Retrievers, Newfoundland’s, and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers usually do not suffer from water intoxication as they have been bred for generations to move through the water with their mouths tightly closed, to cause as little surface disturbance as possible. Mild cases of water intoxication may resolve themselves without any notice from the sufferers owner by producing urine to remove fluid but really severe cases probably won’t survive because the brain stem, which controls respiration, dies. But all of this does not mean you and your best friend cannot enjoy a romp in the lake or a dive into the pool, just be a little cautious at it. Try not to throw a toy more than five times then take a 5-10 minute break. Don’t throw tennis balls as the dog’s mouth is wide open when retrieving it, instead, throw something flat. There are many flat toys on the market that float and double as a tug toy as well. These toys are in the dog’s line of vision when retrieving so they feel they have to hold their head high in order to see it. Water intoxication is real and it is out there and the best way to deal with it is to not let it happen in the first place. Just pay attention.

Fabulous Footage of Merlin Surfing the Waves in Lake Michigan!!

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Watch Merlin surfing safely in his Watercollar in the waves of Lake Michigan, please

click on our YouTube link:

Shannon Burch's Leonberger, Merlyn 3


MERLIN the Leonberger

The Watercollar is working well!!  Merlin can swim fine, but, before he got his new collar, he wasn’t holding his head up out of the water when he retrieved his ball, so he ended up swallowing a lot of water, and would vomit it up afterwards and pee endlessly. And it was potentially dangerous, as dogs can get very sick and die from water intoxication!  Now with the collar his head is far enough out of the water that he can continue to play fetch in the lake he loves.  Also, everyone at the beach thinks he looks adorable with his “floaty.” He thanks you very much!

Shannon B. of Chicago


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