Gunnar, with a Seizure Disorder, is Alive Because of the Watercollar!

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We love getting Mail from our customers! Here’s a beautiful story about Gunnar. 
Hi Lynne:

Steven is our grandson and Gunnar (a Golden Retriever) is his dog. They both live with us and our three dogs (a Standard Poodle and 2 Shih Tzus).

Fortunately Gunnar is still alive today because of your Watercollar. Prior to purchasing the Watercollar, I had to rescue Gunnar from drowning in our pool when he had seizures while swimming. One of our Shih Tzus (Mr. Ross) always alerted me to the situation by incessantly barking until I would come to the rescue. Realizing there were times when we were not at home we searched for a way to keep Gunnar alive in our absence … your Watercollar was the solution.

Unfortunately Gunnar is not the “poster dog” one would want in photos or videos. His coat is quite damaged from the combination of medicines he has been taking to deal with his seizures and Valley Fever (an airborne fungal infection unique to the Phoenix area). Nevertheless, he is a very happy boy and proudly dons his Watercollar every morning.

Thank you for providing the Watercollar that saves his life and keeps him sporting his “Golden” smile in spite of his infirmities.
Thanks for sending his new Watercollar as we have obviously used the first one for several years now ~ it was time for a replacement and it was worth every dime !

Jay and Carol, New Orleans, LA

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