Here’s a Big Spirit in a Tiny Body! Pip from Thailand!

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          Little Pip

Pip is a tiny Chihuahua who lives in Thailand and was found to have hip dysplasia in early 2017. Their veterinarian recommended they swim him for therapy. That was a year ago, and here’s what his mom said to us recently: 

Pip is doing really well.  We have been using the Hedzup collar for the best part of a year for his therapy swimming. The good news is that he had surgery for luxated patella surgery on both of his hind legs 5 weeks ago and he should now be pain free.  We will continue with the swimming as post surgery therapy. The Hedzup has been a great help. Pip wasn’t a confident swimmer in the beginning and he hated getting his head wet!  The Hedzup collar solved both these problems. 

Karen W., Thailand



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