Boris the Bulldog SWIMS!!

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Boris the “New” Swimming Bulldog from Australia!

We bought this amazing collar from quite a few months ago.  We took him to the Mini’s Bulldog Rescue fundraising event, organised by the Gold Coast Bulldogs Facebook Group.  We knew there would be other Bulldogs swimming, so we took Boris so he could see how it was done.

Boris did quite well.  After a couple of paddles in the deeper water he was turning around and heading for the shallows, but he was not at all afraid that his feet weren’t touching the sand, as he had been in the past. He was totally at ease. Hopefully we’ve persuaded other bulldog owners to buy one.

Thank you to Lisa for selling us a great product, and always advertising it on her own Bulldog Ronnie.  We are 100% happy, and are super proud of our new “swimming” Bulldog.

Kim Mitchell, Australia

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