Fabulous Footage of Merlin Surfing the Waves in Lake Michigan!!

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Watch Merlin surfing safely in his Watercollar in the waves of Lake Michigan, please

click on our YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INahSvGMyUs

Shannon Burch's Leonberger, Merlyn 3


MERLIN the Leonberger

The Watercollar is working well!!  Merlin can swim fine, but, before he got his new collar, he wasn’t holding his head up out of the water when he retrieved his ball, so he ended up swallowing a lot of water, and would vomit it up afterwards and pee endlessly. And it was potentially dangerous, as dogs can get very sick and die from water intoxication!  Now with the collar his head is far enough out of the water that he can continue to play fetch in the lake he loves.  Also, everyone at the beach thinks he looks adorable with his “floaty.” He thanks you very much!

Shannon B. of Chicago


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