Alaska K9 Aquatics Scores with Hedz UP Pets Watercollars!

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Martina, owner of the Alaska K9 Aquatics, began using Hedz UP Pets Watercollars in her hydrotherapy practice a couple of years ago. Here’s what she says about the collars: 

“We have very much appreciated having the Hedz Up Pet Watercollars available for our dog swimming clients to use on their visits to our facility. We have many handicapped dogs that come in, and it greatly increases the enjoyment of their swim when they are confident they are not going to get a dunking while swimming! It is particularly helpful for the dogs that have lost the use of one of their front legs! With their Hedz UP collar on they can continue their fun water fetch games, while maintaining and building muscles!” 

Martina, Alaska K9 Aquatics

Please copy this link ( to your browser and watch Oliver, a front leg tripod, swim. Martina uses the life jacket in tandem with the Watercollar in an abundance of caution. As you can see, Oliver is doing SPECTACULARLY WELL!!!   


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