The Hedz UP Pets Watercollar is Instrumental in Helping Dogs with Paralysis

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We at Hedz UP Pets are learning more and more about dogs with paralyzed limbs, as well as many other medical problems that render them unable to exercise any other way except swimming. With the number of hydrotherapy centers across the country, the Hedz UP Pets Watercollar is becoming their “go to” product to help keep their little (and big!) patients’ noses above water! When the dogs are less focused on trying not to drown, their energies can be used to move from one place to the other.


“Coco is paralyzed in her two back legs.  She loves her swim time and the Watercollar flotation keeps her nose above the water line!!!! Coco always wears a life vest but her head would occasionally go under, getting water in her ears. We would always have to guide her by the handle on the life vest to help keep her head up and ears as dry as we could keep them.  With your neck flotation device she can swim around, unassisted, chasing her toy and her head stays up and ears stay much drier.  She is a happy girl, despite the paralysis. We are hoping this may improve when inflammation decreases in her spine. She didn’t mind wearing it at all!”

Donna S., K-9 Aquatics, California


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