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We at Hedz UP Pets just found out, through a new customer, about this incredible man who has made it his mission in life to rescue dogs from shelters in the South that euthanize their animals after only a few days if they can’t find homes for them. Greg Mahle, from Ohio, has become a shining light in this utter darkness.  He has created a lifeline for thousands of dogs — currently upwards of 55,000, and counting!

He purchased an air conditioned semi tractor trailer, outfitted it with a huge number of crates, has a crew of people who travel with him to take care of the dogs, and delivers them to the waiting arms of people in towns up and down the East Coast. It is one of the most selfless stories I’ve ever heard.

Here’s what his website says:

“A Low Cost Transport Service for Rescue Dogs in the Deep South and an Ohio based rescue. We are a licensed USDA Class-T Carrier providing loving, humane road trips for homeless, unwanted and unloved dogs facing assured, immediate death in Southern Kill Shelters. We deliver to Loving “Forever Homes” in New England and the surrounding areas.

“We leave Ohio on Tuesdays, passing through Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi and arrive in Texas on Wednesday nights. Thursday, we work our way from Texas, head across Louisiana and then head north toward Tennessee. Fridays are spent getting from the South to above the Mason Dixon Line. Saturdays are the magic days because, after facing death, all dogs with me are about to embark on the most love-filled part of their lives with their forever families. It is a very wonderful, emotional event for all involved. And. Yes. We usually shed a few happy tears. We are home on Sundays for some hard-earned rest. On Mondays, we clean trailers and sanitize crates and get ready to do “that rescue thing” on Tuesday.”

Check out his website ( and his Facebook page (

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