Hedz UP Pets is IN THE NEWS! The REAL news!!!

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dog life preserver saves dogs lives
Photo by Janet Laidlaw

A news story entitled, LET YOUR DOG GO FOR THE GOLD WITH THIS OLYMPIC-INSPIRED GEAR, by Sue Manning of The Associated Press, went out on the wires last Thursday. The Hedz UP Pets Watercollar was one of the products she highlighted! So far, over 100 news outlets have picked up the story across the U.S., including ABCNEWS.com, and in both Australia and England! Check out this link to see just one of the newspapers that picked up the story, the Colorado City Gazette.

http://gazette.com/let-your-dog-go-for-the-gold-with-this-olympic-inspired gear/article/feed/334038

Check it out and share it with your friends! Thank you!!


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