Hedz UP Pets Has a New Distributor in Australia!!

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We welcome Lisa Larman of Pimpama, Queensland (near Brisbane), Australia, to Hedz UP Pets. Lisa is our first Distributor, and we are very pleased to have her on board, and very excited to have a presence in Australia!! Lisa has a beautiful 50-pound female Bulldog, named Ronnie. Ronnie was having a very difficult time swimming and keeping her head above the water, and would quickly become exhausted. Lisa began searching the Internet for a life-saving product that was not a dog life jacket. She found us and ordered a Watercollar to try for Ronnie. Lisa was so taken by the Watercollar and how great it works for Ronnie that she decided she wanted OUR MISSION to become HER MISSION — to Save Dogs from Drowning  — all across Australia!

Lisa Larson's Ronnie in Australia
Lisa Larson’s Ronnie in Australia

If you’re reading this in Australia, click this link to go to Lisa’s Pet Products and place your order!




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