Another Friend from England Came Close to Losing her Dog at a Country Park

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Here’s her story:

The reason I would like to buy a Watercoller for my dog, Lacie, is because she nearly drowned last week. We were in a country park and she chased off after some ducks that landed in their pond, followed by Lacie! However this pond had an 8″ high stone wall around it, level from the grass side but 8″ up from the waterline and Lacie could not climb out. I use a wheelchair for mobility and hearing her struggle I raced over the grass to the pond and managed to get out of my wheelchair and lay down on the grass to haul her out by her harness. When I got to her she was going under and coming up briefly and going under again, repeatedly. I feel I just managed to get to her in time. I was quite shaken up, Lacie was very pleased to see me and didn’t seem to fully grasp the danger she had been in.

I searched the Internet and found your Watercollar! It is just what I am looking for to keep Lacie safe around/in water. Something that will keep her from drowning and that she will be able to wear and run around in and not get too hot.

Elizabeth's Lacie in Cornwall, England
Elizabeth and her dog, Lacie, from Cornwall, U.K.                                                                                                              

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