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Our Team had a booth at the Houston Dog Show a couple of weeks ago!! We had a wonderful time and did really well. One of the most exciting things for us is the comments we heard from people walking up and down the aisles. They were saying things like, “Oh, that’s that Watercollar we saw here last year!” and, “There’s the Watercollar booth. We bought one for our dog last year!” It was very uplifting to hear people speaking of our brand in common usage.

One of our “booth dudes” was our Welch Terrier named Spencer. The Welch Terriers are a fairly rare breed, and it was so much fun seeing a few other Welchies. One of the Welchie owners took a picture of her Tallulah and our Spencer. Cute Shot!

Girlfriend Welch at the 2015 Dog Show

Girlfriend Welch at the 2015 Dog Show

Spencer likes Tallulah, but Tallulah isn’t so sure about his advances!


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