A beautiful story from a lady in England who bought a Watercollar for her dog

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Sam, a pedigree black Labrador, was born without proper hips. He was a rescue and we found this out at 5 months old.  Most pups like him have to be put down because they are in too much pain, but we were advised to swim him.  The muscles round the joint become strong enough to support his hips — amazing!  Sam is now 15, so it worked — until 3 years ago when he had a throat operation and could no longer swim. His veterinarian told us that he could get water into his wind pipe and drown.  He walks OK but is on all sorts of medication.

 We tried canine life jackets, but they didn’t keep his head up properly and restricted his movement, but LOOK AT THE PHOTO!!  Sam swam today for the first time with his Watercollar. He swam the length of our pool, retrieved the ball and came back. He loved it!

This kind of story makes all our work worthwhile!

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