We’ve gone “LIVE” on Kickstarter — YESTERDAY!!

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Hedz UP Pets has ventured into new territory! Yesterday, we went “LIVE” on Kick-Starter with a 30-day project.

KickStarter is a CROWDFUNDING site where people go to support various creative projects. Some “projects” are inviting pledges to support a book or a play, or to help get a small business off the ground. KickStarter project categories include art, comics, crafts, dance, design (our category is DESIGN – NEW PRODUCTS), fashion, film & video, food, games, journalism, music, photography, publishing, technology and theater.

In this modern era of community support, KickStarter is an appropriate magnet to draw dog lovers everywhere to become a part of this project. We’re an American start-up, trying to bring this new invention to market and propel Hedz UP Pets into the next rapid growth phase. The Hedz Up Pets Watercollar PFD (Pet Flotation Device) is designed to keep a dog’s nose above water, even if unconscious. It is the first proven product of its type. It is a COLLAR, not a dog life jacket.

Most dog life jackets do not protect your dog from drowning. Most dog life jackets are designed to hold the dog in a swimming position. If a dog becomes injured, or worse — unconscious, his head will drop into the water.

Dog Illustrations Final-2 (2)The Watercollar PFD holds him in a vertical position with his nose in the air. This product is your dog’s best choice for drown prevention.

Dog Illustrations Final-1 (2)We anticipate that our experience on KickStarter will, i) help establish additional product creditability, ii) create additional supporters to help promote awareness that dogs DO drown, and iii) impress on each of us that we must take seriously the responsibility of protecting our dogs from drowning. While this KickStarter project is merely a short-term financial plan, it could lead to much more. We are excited to see where this venture takes us!

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