First Three Kickstarter Supporters

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Pepper PurduePepper Perdue

Our Very First Pledge of Support came from Pepper Purdue of Houston, Texas. His mom says, “He hates water. Hates rain. Would probably rather walk on water than swim in it, but he wants to protect his friend who love the water!”
Jeanne P., Houston

WP_20140816_12_49_43_Pro Sergio!

We’re supporting this great product! We have a pool and because Sergio is an Italian Greyhound and this breed does not store fat, he sinks, but when we are in the pool, that is where he wants to be. And even though he has a life jacket, he doesn’t love it and in the heat of the summer, the jacket makes him so hot. “No more life jacket for Sergio!!”
Beverly J., Houston


Doug from Canada!

Doug's Amphicar!

Doug’s Amphicar!

Our first Canadian supporter, Doug’s owner said this: Doug was a rescue dog and is the Best Dog in the World. I wanted to get the safety device so I could take Doug safely with me in my Amphicar (amphibious car). Won’t he be cute in that little amphicar?
David H., Canada

Hugs and Kisses and a great big Thank You to all of you!

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