Day 6 on KickStarter!

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The best part of our KickStarter experience has been reconnecting with friends and meeting new friends. In the process of sharing our link with their dog-loving friends, many friends have written encouraging notes to us to keep working hard to bring this product to market. An added bonus has been how our marketer friends have given us new ideas to get our product noticed. Some of these ideas we may never have thought to explore, but could be ideal for the Watercollar. There is a whole lot of good coming from this experience.

What continues to surprise us is how many people interested in our Watercollar already own a dog life jacket their dog will not wear. Protection should be comfortable. We love it when our dogs are happy. We have a peace of mind when our dogs are safe. Hedz Up Pets Watercollars keep dogs happy and gives their owners confidence that their dogs are protected from drowning.

We’re off to a slow start on KickStarter. We only have 25 days to reach our goal. Please share your awareness of our product and our KickStarter project with your friends.

Help us protect dogs from drowning — one dog at a time!

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