Singer, the Corgi, Heading to Yellowstone for the Summer!

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A note from a traveling customer: 

“I’m not sure I ever took Singer swimming much before he had his Watercollar…maybe to wade in a stream, but not really swimming. Corgis can swim, they have webbed feet even…but he is a heavy 40 pound dog with small legs, so he really has to work at it. I’m not sure he could swim for very long if he had to.  With his Watercollar on, it really gives him an extra boost, and he plays and swims without getting very tired.  In a pinch, though, I know this collar will hold his head up, even if he can’t.”

S’zanne, Austin, TX

Here are two pictures of Singer.

save from drowning

Singer, barking out about how happy he is with his brand new Hedz Up Pets Watercollar! Quite the crowd pleaser, he meets all the babes in his stylish, bright orange watercollar! And Mom can spot him fast even when he goes after those seagulls!

My dog loves the water

Here’s Singer in one of his favorite places ~~ the lake! He’s quite a dog!

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