Summer Safety by the Pool!

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Summer is almost here and it’s the perfect time to think about summer safety for our waggly-tailed babies.


We all know how important it is to be sure our doggies have some shade nearby if they are outside in the heat of the summer, and to ALWAYS provide fresh water for them, whether they are inside or outside. Dogs can overheat quickly in the summer heat, so keep an eye on them. Keep them as cool and comfortable as you would keep yourself, and don’t over exercise them. And NEVER EVER leave your pet in a hot car. Even in a car parked in the shade, the temperature inside that car can soar to over 100 degrees in just minutes. With grave consequences….

One of the biggest summer hazards — that many people don’t think of as a hazard — is a swimming pool. Also, are you taking your dog on vacation with you to a water destination? Or, do you have friends or neighbors that you visit who have pools? If your dog isn’t familiar with a pool, you need to constantly be aware of his whereabouts. Thousands of dogs drown every year in backyard swimming pools. Here at Hedz UP Pets, we have heard too many heartbreaking stories of dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds drowning in pools. But, of course, this CAN be prevented with one of our Hedz UP Pets WatercollarTM flotation devices. The WatercollarTM is lightweight and stylish, unlike bulky and hot life jackets. Dogs quickly tire from dog paddling and trying to keep from swallowing water, which can result in drowning. The Hedz UP Pets WatercollarTM helps to keep your dog’s head above water and PREVENT drowning. It can also be used as a training tool while teaching dogs how to swim!!

So, let’s have a great summer and do everything we can to keep our canine friends as safe as possible!

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